Sunday, February 7, 2010

I'm re-posting this poem just for you Irina TODAY I'M A FILTER

All of the emotions of the universe have gathered into one invisible powerful ball of energy.

And today found a strange place to rest -- My small feeble shoulders!

The energy weighs me down and quickly spreads throughout my body.

Ed is standing at the corner today, as usual, with the community newspaper in hand. No one stops to donate any money to him. He starts work everyday before I do but he's fortunate if he earns $5.00 a day. Today I stop to talk to him as I seldom do. He has two broken arms. In my inquisitive manner I ask him why. He gives me a sheepish smile but his eyes quickly fall to the ground and he falls into a sombre silence. They broke his arm because he did not meet his quota.

The energy spreads to my arms filling them with the desire to hug strangers.

I look down at my blackberry as it beeps with a message. It's my boss. She is a professor, a judge, a prominent lawyer, and a successful business woman, but most importantly she's an advocate for justice. The hospital won't release her unless she finds someone to pick her up following her surgery so she's turned to me for help. Today, she is just a lonely embarrassed woman who does not have one person by her side that loves her enough to rush to her aid.

The energy flows to my eyes, making them gleam with tears of sadness.

At the office I see the young lawyers busily working. Their eyes are black around the corners, and they simply look defeated. They march onwards, exhaustively trying to prove that they are strong women. They lack love in their life - the kind a woman gives to a child, or receives from a man. Instead they menacingly scheme against one another and bitterly complete for the boss' attention. They have forgotten that in the end they may end up like her.

The energy flows to my mouth making it tremble with pain.

On our way back to the office from the hospital, my boss tells me about the nurse who assisted her after surgery. Jackie works 7 days a week because her husband is an alcoholic and a substance abuser. He recently had a car accident and a traumatic childhood memory returned to him. My boss tells me they call that post-traumatic memory gain. He was raped by his teacher when he was younger. They sued but collected $20,000.00. The good news is that their lawyer made $70,000.00. Now Jackie struggles to keep a roof over her children's head and hope in her husband's heart. She can't stop to think about her own emotions.

The energy flows down to my legs, making them want to give in and turn into imaginary wings so I can fly to an alternate universe.

The energy flows through my blood streams and gathers again in one spot- my heart. My poor heart sets to work pumping, aching, longing, churning and working overtime. My brain picks up the signals from my heart and orders my whole being to emanate love and peace, to surrender myself to God and to be thankful for all of my blessings.

The ball of energy is now transformed and it radiates from inside me, back into the universe.

It now consists only of Pure Love.

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